Cute rich girl abused by a gang of black men

Edgard (João Miguel) works as a subordinate in the company of millionaire Werneck (Gracindo Junior) and is in love with Ritinha (Leandra Leal), a simple woman who works as a teacher to support her mother and her three sisters. One day, Peixoto (Leon Góes), Werneck’s son-in-law, makes him a proposal to marry Maria (Leticia Colin), the boss’s daughter. The reason is that Maria was abused and now is being forced to marry by her family. Edgard hesitates first but accepts the offer. From then on he enters into a great doubt: should he deposit the check and marry Maria or stay with Ritinha, his great love?

This is the main plot of the movie, but a good reason enough to do an hot gangrape scene, short but hot !

Nice body and good acting

Leticia Colin is the actress raped and she’s hot, sad she don’t do porn movie , she have small but great boobs, and nice young body and really cute latina face !

You will enjoy watch her forced !

Rape review : A good remake of the movie

The video is short hard to give a real review, but it’s short an good ! The old version was also nice but really different, less brutal and a bit special.

This one is more realistic, and the actress is hot !

Duratio : 00:02:27
Size : 64,9 Mo
Resolution : 1280 x 720

  • Good acting
  • Short and brutal

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