One of the best gang rape movie ever

This movie is just perfect, the girl is hot and cute, and the actor are really good ! The plot take place with a young woman going out lying to her parents.

She said that she gonna to her friend place but instead she follow guy for party… Wrong idea ….

The lure her in a abandonned place and attacked her, tearing her cloth brutally before force her into oral sex.

They forced her to suck in rough way, humiliating her and insulting her… then trhow her on the ground to fuck her while she try to resist.

They will do all of the worse sexual act on her, ass rape, forced double penetration… a night of nightmare…

A perfect actress !

She’s just perfect, her nice body is really sexy, small tits but a awesome ass and good pussy.

Her acting is perfect, she try to resist and really act like disgust while she’s abused. Moaning in pain during all the movie.

Forced sex movie rating : One of the best from

  • Great overall acting
  • Pretty and sexy victim
  • Good quality movie
  • Great oral rape scene
  • Love the moment where she’s fucked on the ground

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