One more great rape porn video to download

This movie is insanly good, a japanese pervert got fantasy for white european girl, specially blonde one !

He kidnaped her while she’s doing her sport outside and take her to an isolate garage where he gonna abuse her.

Threat with a knife she have not choice than beg and be raped !

Cute and good actress

The actress is a tall and slime blonde woman, cute but not so pretty, she got a natural body with middle size boobs and regular ass.

She look like any casual woman, what made the movie good, and the best it’s her acting, she cry during all the rape.

Movie rating : S+, the movie is really good, one of the best

The movie is one from a serie about asian attacking white girl, many are good, but this one is one of the best

Duration : 1:00:51
Size : 1,10 Go
Resolution : 720 x 404

  • Great acting from both actor
  • Rough and brutal forced sex like we love
  • Cute victim
  • Long movie, one hours, lot of action
  • Many really hot scenes

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