One of the most famous hollywood rape scene

Don’t remember how many time I watched this scene on VHS, at that time there was no internet for rape porn and this scene was damn hot.

Michael Douglas is in the appartement of Jean Trippllehorn, a psycholog he used to date before… But no romance here, he just want to fuck and fuck her roughly in the ass !

A short brutal and legendary clip

Jeanne Tripplehorn forced to anal sex
She struggle but she will be fuck by the ass

We all dreamed on this ass !

I think all men who watched the movie had the fantasy to fuck a such good ass in this way on a sofa… Sadly I think not so many could have the chance, but congrats to the lucky one !

Jeanne was at her best body at this time, in Waterworld she was quite old and not such hot as that time. Her long body with nice wonderfull tight… Those bring back great memory

Jeanne tripplehorn ass rape scene basic instinct
My god what an amazing view, time to fuck

Why such famous ?

There was not so much rape porn before, some great rape scene in movie but so few… For many men and women it was the first step in this dark world of rough sex.

A first step to a long and long way….

Duration : 00:02:03
Size : 50,5 Mo
Resolution : 720 x 576

  • Jeanne’s tight and ass
  • Short and brutal
  • A legendary movie



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