The rape scene who made men mad in 1993

Four American college girls are on a vacation trip in Europe. They rent a van and drive from Greece to Turkey. However, someone plants drugs in their van, and at the border the drugs are discovered and the four are arrested and thrown in prison.

Nothing more is needed to make a movie with lot of nudity and some warden/prisoner abuse scene.

The start of fake boobs fantasy

In 90’s with Pamela Anderson, it was the start of the boobs chirurgy, and more and more movie with busty babes came to live !

Lori Jo Hendrix it’s the perfect exemple, not a good actress but her tits make all the goodness of this scene.

Really short but really good

She’s young and hot and he’s old and ugly, but he have power and gonna use it to forced her. This scene is mythical all the drama of rape, so enjoy it !

Duration : 00:01:44
Size : 16.2 Mo
Resolution : 668 x 500

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