This hot babe have a bad suprise in her room

Nicole is going back to her hotel room, when suddenly out of nowhere a masked men take her neck and threat her.

« You are hot bitch, why don’t we play some game together… »

He tied her hand so she can’t escape, before molesting her big juicy breast, damn this girl is hot.

« I love your boobs bitch, and you cute mouth »

He raped her on the bed just before forcing her to suck his dick and leave her, spoiled, in the room.

Really hot babe spotted

A pretty and sexy brunette with perfect boobs, I think they are fake, but it well done.

She got an amazing body for sex, her acting is not really important she’s tied almost all the movie !

Forced sex rating : Good short movie

The quality resolution is bad, but the movie is nice, hope you will enjoy to watch it

  • Very sexy victim
  • Nice boobs
  • Short movie

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