He caught them stealing and decide to forced them to sex

This is abuse of power, this gard got a boring job, no wife and no money to seduce one… But sometime he gat some kind of good surprise.

Today two sexy girls decided to steal some goods in the market, he decide that he will offer himself a good fuck, been so long.

After some threat of prison, he forced them to undress, before abusing of their body !

How are the victime ?

the first one is a light black skin girl with glasses, she look like the good working and shy girl, no really sexy, but always good to fuck her as she despise.

The second one is more sexy, with a small body and long haire, she got the hard glacial face of girl who have been fucked many time but too proud, always lovely to forced

Would you like this movie ? For sure it’s good

  • Two girls for the pice of one
  • Love to watch this proud bitch been abused
  • One of the best of Shoplyfter
  • Good quality video

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