This guy couldn’t resist one more day without fucking her

It’s been two years that Philip is in this flat, he try to seduce everyday Clara, his cute and sexy neighbor, but every attempt was a fail.

He masturbate every day thinking of her, dreaming of fucking her pussy… One day he just went fade up of sticking himself and decide to act !

He enter in her home at nigh while she’s lying on her bed and just jump on her, he’s more strong so he can easily submit her. One nake he can abuse all the night of her pretty and sexy body.

Normal sexy girl for good rape porn

The actress is really cute, she doesn’t look like usual porn actress that made the movie good !

She’s a pretty blonde, with normal a bit curvy body and average but pretty boobs, and a really good ass. The kind of girl you frequent everyday, and would love to fuck every night !

Old movie but good one !

This movie is from a very old porn site, who had some great video but don’t exist no more, it’s quite difficult to find them again.

The most quality of the movie it’s look like homemade, acting is casual but the footage made it real, both actor don’t seem professional, what made it more credible.

And the victim is really really natural and sexy, that good and rare.

Duration : 00:33:12
Size : 77.7 Mo
Resolution : 320 x 240

  • Sexy and natural body
  • Old but good and rare movie
  • Actress is a real beauty


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