This guy abuse of such beautiful girl while she sleeping

Kayla is a deep sleeper, nothing would wake her while she’s in her bed, nor a truck, a meteor or even a dick in her pussy.

Boby knew it, and always wanted to have the opportunity to abuse this weakness. One day after a party she slept in his home, that was the moment he waited so long.

First he sucked her amazing tits, before licking her shaved pussy after removing her short. But nothing gonna be more amazing than when he will fuck her !

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He’s so horny that he awake her

Damn this girl is really the sleeping beauty

With her pale white skin, long body, cute face and perfect boobs this girl is the girlfriend every men would love.

I have one more movie with her, i’ll post it later, keep following this blog, and don’t be afraid to link it ūüėČ

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He still rape her even when she’s awake

Rape porn review : A- This girl is so hot


I’m not really into sleep porn, but when the girl is really hot I can love them. It a A+ for sleep porn movie but in rape porn aspect I would put B-.

Let judge by yourself

Duration : 00:19:32
Size : 576 Mo
Resolution : 1920 x 1080

  • HD quality
  • Natural beauty
  • Horny actor is a good actor

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