He use drug so he can fuck this hot girl

He invited one of his friend to come at house to warch a movie… But that was not his real goal, his real mind was to lure her and drug her so he can abuse of her amazing body.

At school she was the one with the biggest boobs, and every boy dreamed to suck them… After years of waiting and winning her faith, now it’s the time to discover the secret treasure long awaiten !

Busty woman fucked while she sleep
Time to fuck this sleeping pussy

Cute face and amazing body

The actress is a blonde chubby lady with enormous natural boobs, I think the biggest of all my movie. But she’s not fat, she’s just nice and her face is pretty what make the movie even better !

For the acting, as she’s asleep, it could be better ! But it sad she didn’t play in more movie where she’s awake, they could be great

sleep woman doggystyle abuse
He will abuse her in many different way

This movie is a classic in sleep rape porn

From the dead site druggedassault.com, don’t remember if they was many good movie but this one was a long time the favorite for people.

The actor played in many good russian rape porn, hope you will love this one.

Duration : 00:20:31
Size : 322 Mo
Resolution : 720 x 576

  • Great naturals boobs
  • A classic of forced sex movie

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