Short forced scene from a movie with nice boobs

The guy must have been watching this passager lady since the depart, and dream to fuck her since long time.

At one moment when the others sailors play card, he decide to act, go to her cabin, and knock her out. Then he go to the machinery where he can rape her as much as he want.

But one man watch the scene ! What will happen ?

Sailor rape rich woman in a ship
He became even more horny when he undress her

A rich passenger victim in blue robe

The woman is a tall slim and pretty brunette, she wear a long blue robe who show all aspect of her nice body.

When the guy undress her we can also see that she have perfect natural tits

upper class rape porn video
Time to fuck the upper class

Good and short old movie

Don’t know from wich movie the scene is from but it depict the some old rape fantasy, ugly man versus beautiful woman, and rich against poor.

Rich woman can always take care of their body, that why they are in so many rape scene in movie.

Duration : 00:19:48
Size : 234 Mo
Resolution : 720 x 576

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